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Your truck is being seen by thousands of people every day! Why let this marketing opportunity of a lifetime go to waste? With our easy install truck graphics kits, you can let everyone in town see you're in business.

*** Truck Graphics NEVER Sleep!! ***

Truckside advertising has one of the lowest costs per view of any type of advertising. Grow public interest and let consumers know about your products or services with a truck box sign that doubles as a rolling billboard.Don't rely on a small magnetic sign with just your company name and phone number, when you can turn that same old truck into a huge rolling sign 365 days a year. It doesn't matter if your truck is at a jobsite ,sitting on the freeway or at the local burger place for lunch break, when people see your truck signs, you will see sales!

*** LET THEM SEE YOU!! ***

Years ago,truck billboards had to be painted by hand. But today, large format printing machines can duplicate photographic images with high resolution and colors bright and eye catching. Do you expect for customers to find you in the phone book when you can FIND CUSTOMERS using box truck signs and graphics? You'll wonder what took you so long!

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